Kim Goddard established Proper Protocol, Inc., in 1991. She is a consultant that helps develop people, personally and professionally, across America.

Proper Protocol, Inc. offers life lessons beginning at five years of age and up. Ms. Goddard feels there is no one that couldn’t benefit by her teachings. She conducts seminars for hundreds or “one on one” sessions for the more discrete individual. Bottom line? Good manners are a necessity needed by all.

Ms. Goddard recently founded the ReStart program. ReStart is a teen mentoring program in Pinellas County, Florida. Restart is dedicated to young people who have unfortunately entered the legal system by making a bad decision. This character-building program is designed to teach respect, civility and self worth by working tableside verses roadside (picking up garbage). ReStart is prepared for future growth and is expanding out to troubled teens across the country. If you are interested in becoming a ReStart Instructor, please contact Kim Goddard.

The Court Coach is just another division of Proper Protocol Inc., founded by Goddard. This is a business that supports and directs attorneys, their clients and individuals who are due to appear, make appearances and be judged in the courtroom. It can be a terrifying experience for a person about to witness or appear before a jury and/or Judge. Having your personal Court Coach by your side, on your side, can make all the difference.

Kim Goddard is a professional member of the National Speaker Association. She speaks to thousands at schools, colleges, universities and corporations across the country on 21st Century Etiquette and 21st Century Business Etiquette.

Kim was noted as one of the “Top Twenty Acts under $10K” in the American Corporate Entertainment Magazine in 2002 and as The Emily Post of Tampa Bay, in Tampa Bay Magazine. She was most recently voted one of Tampa Bay’s Most Distinguished Women in Business, 2003.

Goddard has personally played a role as the founder of the Ambassador Committee for The Angelus. The Angelus is home for severely handicapped persons who are not able to care for themselves. All of the residents and students have cerebral palsy and all use wheelchairs. Kim concentrates on making a difference by acting as a voice for the people of The Angelus.

Community organizations:
• The Angelus
• Tampa Club Executive Board
• The Tampa Bay Society Advisory Board
• The Community Policing Board of Pinellas County
• Ride with the Stars

Kim Goddard, former Tampa Bay talk show host and syndicated newspaper columnist’s lifelong commitment is to the mentoring of young people, both in her profession and as a model for women aspiring to successful leadership roles.